Capitalism and the Cab Driver

I’ve been on a computerised radio circuit for a while now and I wouldn’t do without it.  Corporate account holders are in no hurry to appear and there is often £10, £15, or more on the meter before they show.
Waiting for account customers at finance houses gives you time to think.  I’m no Leftie, but I started to wonder about my position in the system, and whether my recent thoughts on the following are true:
You get the powerful multi-millionaires at the top, then between them and the workers, the managers, who will be well-paid and looked after (until threatened with redundancy).  The purpose of everyone is to make more money for those at the top.  They don’t produce anything worthwhile, or do anything particularly “good.”  Everyone knows that, and it’s bound to play on their minds (I would feel pretty empty and depressed about it).   Everyone lives in fear of losing their jobs and status, and they are trapped in the system – by enjoying a good wage or commission.
I’m sitting outside in my cab, wearing what I like, working what hours I want.  I’m not earning much, but I own the means of production.  I’m a capitalist myself.  I have more freedom than the suits behind the glass though.  No, I don’t think I’d rather work under the jackboot of fear in the City!  Hell No!  Give me £20 and I’ll drive you to Paddington, that’ll do me!

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