The Crystal Methodist

Drugs!  Death Threats!  Marital Strife! – we Brits love a juicy scandal!  First was the Mayor of Toronto, allegedly buying crack and threatening to kill someone.  Then Britain’s own Reverend Flowers, filmed buying crystal meth while trying to run a bank.  Sad to see the fragrant Nigella Lawson up next; cruelly accused by her husband of being high on Coke and marijuana (I never did like that Saatchi bloke).  Marijuana eh?  I suppose that’s why she was always cooking up food eh?  

But why is all this such a big deal?  Is it not just humans showing human weaknesses?  People get drunk, take drugs, do stupid things with stupid people – maybe even threaten to have folk whacked if they’ve had enough electric soup.  

Anyway, I reckon all three of them would show you a good night out.  Well maybe not so much the banker. 

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