Smoking for Britain

So the government are considering forcing cigarette companies to wrap their products in plain white packaging so as to make them less attractive to teenagers.  This will make an excellent graffiti wall for their tags.  Kids will love drawing on the plain white canvas of a pack of Marlboro Lights (or whatever the under-age brand of choice is these days). 

This is just the government trying to make us think they are doing something about smoking, while in reality they want folk to continue.  They make a lot of money from tobacco tax, and if they don’t get it from smokers they will get it elsewhere – probably from drivers.  I already spend £1000 per month on diesel, so I’m naturally a bit worried.  

They want smokers’ tax, and they want your kids to take up the habit too.  Yes, you are smoking for Britain!  But don’t hang around to long, as they don’t want to have to pay your pension into old age.  

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