Useless Stuff (part 1): Semi-Skimmed Milk

Semi-skimmed milk is said to be better for you than proper whole milk, but what’s the point if you need twice as much of it to taste anything?  (I can only imagine what skimmed milk is like).  

In the 1970s all school kids were issued a third of a pint of whole milk each day (silver top).  The bottles were kept in a crate in the classroom and dispensed by the teacher.  In those days, only the cranks and weirdos drank semi-skimmed.  What happened?  When did those of us who loyally stuck to our whole milk start to become the freaks? Mrs Thatcher was called “Mrs Thatcher, Milk Snatcher” when she stopped kids getting their daily milk, but if she was allowing milk in school today she’d be labelled a drug peddlar, along with the teachers who went along with it.  Funny how attitudes change.  Anyway, I don’t always drink silver top:  we connoisseurs know that the rich Channel Islands gold top is the tastiest.   

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