Flood Alert

Such terrible scenes around the country as floods and winds destroy homes and businesses. I just can’t imagine what it must be like, just as the government probably can’t.  David Cameron visited Somerset last week, just after the nick of time.  Things are more urgent now as the mayhem moves nearer to London:  the last thing Dave wants is Tory voters being flushed down the Thames Valley towards the sea at Southend.  Yes, it’s now Red Alert as Berkshire and Surrey are under threat, though it looks like the government might at last put its hand in its pocket to help those affected.  It all seems a little too little too late to me.  What about all the billions earmarked for the HS2 train line? Yes, the train that promises to save us twenty paltry minutes on a trip to Birmingham….


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3 responses to “Flood Alert

  1. Chris Patten

    You Sir, sound like a Communist!


    • I’m just standing up to The Man, Comrade. It’s still a free-ish country and I’m exercising my right to speak out against capitalist bed-wetters and the running dogs of the bourgeoisie. “First they came for the Careers Advisers and I did nothing…” Down with the Thatcherite/Blairite/Camereronist junta! Freedom for Tooting!

      Maybe I’m becoming more left wing in middle age? Maybe not. Maybe the hanging and flogging and sending ’em back will return next week?

      Ps. bourgeoisie is a very hard word to spell. Glad I ain’t one.


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