Farewell Bob, Farewell Tony

Farewell Bob Crow, the man we loved to hate for holding London to ransom with his tube strikes. Boris said a drunken banker could drive a tube train.  Let the drivers enjoy their days off and their audacious Olympics bonuses.  All Bob wanted to do was allow them a few more years before driver-less trains are brought in – to serve staff-less stations. I didn’t agree with many of his actions but as a union leader he got things done, and some of the hate he generated was envy from those who subscribe to other piss-poor unions. It was a pathetic attempt by the tabloids to show photos of him sunbathing on holiday.  They wanted to show him looking ridiculous, but it’s them who looked ridiculous.  So what if he looks rather fat and bloated, that’s what 52-year olds look like on holiday.  I should know… 

Whatever you thought about Tony Benn’s politics, you must admire his unwavering convictions. Like Thatch, Skinner, Galloway, &c, you knew where you were with Wedgie and you knew what he believed in.  Most politicians have no personality and little to say.  You never know what they really think, as they just try to do whatever they think the country wants; so we have Cleggie and his halal food, Dave with his gay weddings, and Dead Millipede vowing to curb rapacious energy companies.

Blimey, I sound more left than an Albanian Keep Left sign.  Don’t worry, hanging and flogging will return soon… 

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