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You Kip If You Want To: Clegg v Farage

I think there’s little to choose between the lot of them. I don’t like the idea of being told what to do by the EU, but I’m still holding back from nailing my colours to the U-Kip mast.  Farage mentioned fracking in the recent debate. The comment wasn’t seized on, but fracking isn’t something I think we should rush to embrace just yet.  And what else does he believe in?  What do we know about U-Kip’s economic policy?  Need more meat on the bones Farage, old son.

I don’t accept claims that U-Kip are closet racists – though a few individuals exist in all parties (a stupid comment about foreign accents on trains, mind).  There’s nothing racist about counting people in and counting people out, and there’s nothing wrong in ensuring folk who come here are going to contribute to British society.  People shouldn’t be able to claim benefits here if there isn’t a reciprocal arrangement for British people moving abroad.  Health tourism probably doesn’t go on as much as some people think, but it needs to be guarded against.  I lived in the USA for a year and had to buy health insurance. Quite right too.

People can’t just move to Australia and the USA.  These are huge countries, yet they’re careful who they let in.  Australia let our criminals in years ago and have learnt their lesson, Spain can’t complain about dodgy Brits because they’re part of the EU.  

Pulling out of the EU is unlikely to affect jobs or the movement of people across European borders.  We can still all go over to France to eat cheese made in old men’s socks.



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