Plastic Bags, Fracking, and the Punk Summer of 1977

Out all day in the cab I only get to hear snatches of news, and rarely any TV.  Here are just a few comments on the bits I’ve heard this week. I managed to hear the start of the Queen’s speech to Parliament, whilst in a traffic jam caused by the said events in Westminster.  Hearing her drone on in someone else’s words I wondered how many other folk of my generation can’t help thinking of the Punk Summer of 1977, the Jubilee, and the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen single (banned by the BBC?).

A few interesting points:  we can now sack MPs who’ve been convicted of criminal activity.  You mean we couldn’t before?  It should be a given, or a “no brainer,” as my American readers might have it.  If I overcharge someone by 20p, or are rude to a passenger’s guide dog, I’d lose my cab licence and will be run out of London on a rail.  

Did the Government really use our figurehead to talk about having to pay for plastic shopping bags?  A real vote winner (yawn).  

So, am I right in thinking that a fracking company can come along and dig for gas under my house without even asking for permission??  When did the Cameron/Clegg Junta agree that one?!

I also understand that we have fallen into line with less democratic countries across the world, and have introduced secret court trials behind closed doors!  Maybe they’re being set up for people who complain about having their homes fracked and having to pay Tesco 5p for a shopping bag.

I caught a bit of the D-Day re-enactment on TV at the King’s Cross Taxi Centre earlier.  It was nice to learn that the French, Dutch, Americans and Canadians were playing such a prominent role.  Bit there was someone missing…   Why not invite the Germans?  OK, they’d have to play the on the losing team, but in the spirit of European unity and British fair play, they’re bound to get their own back at a penalty shoot-out at the World Cup.

Perhaps have a bit more role play: how about Prince Charles as Churchill, and Vladimir Putin as Hitler?  OK, he’s probably not all bad, but I wouldn’t want him looking after my pets when I go on holiday, and I don’t trust any man who talks like a meerkat.

More half-baked political comment next time…

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