Scottish Referendum: Tension Mounts…

The government are getting even more desperate as the Big Day looms. It’s all rather pathetic as to the Devo Max offer – or whatever it is – and the scare stories about the big institutions ready to move south of the border. I’m sure the Scots can see right through it all: they’re not daft, they’re clever, tough, people. Westminster are rather making us English look daft.

It’d be interesting if the Fat Cats did move out of Scotland though. I think we should develop Berwick-upon-Tweed as the Canary Wharf of the north. The gleaming steel and glass sky scrapers of Goldman Sachs, Deutche Bank, Credit Suisse, BNP, UBS, Bank of New York, &c. would attract money and tempt in high flying staff from around the globe, and England (not Scotland, they won’t get work visas). They could build a building bigger than the Shard, that can be seen as far away as Inverness. That’ll learn ’em. I reckon Northumbrian whisky could be a real winner too.

No, it won’t happen. If it’s a Yes vote I’m going to eat a whole haggis live on You Tube (subject to availability).

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