Little Britton, King Abdullah, and the Sun’s Knockers

Comments on items of interest over the last week:

Little Britton. Leon Britton’s death inevitably started more talk about a child sex enquiry. I wouldn’t bother, it’s not going to happen. It’ll be like the Chilcott Report but worse. If it ever gets under way it’ll take many years, with the final report being delayed until more of those who know too much are dead in order to save embarrassment to the families of the Westminster Family. They really want to keep this one under wraps.

The Sun. Talking of sexual abuse, I congratulate the Super Soaraway Sun on its little publicity stunt, where its sister paper claimed the Sun’s traditional photos and comment on a topless model on page 3 was to be stopped. I heard it said the Sun hates women. I don’t know; it pays someone with no apparent talent money just to take her top off for a photo shoot. Money for old rope, I’d say. Yes, it’s silly, and not particularly, er, titilating, but Page 3 is a a British institution. One of the paper’s ex-models complained she had to sit in a muddy field to be photographed. Some people spend their whole day in muddy fields as part of their work. I don’t particularly want to spend my day pushing a cab down Oxford Street, but sadly, nobody’s going to offer me vast sums of money to strip off. Well done the Sun for dropping an ice cream down the cleavage of political correctness. I hope the paper comes back with bigger and better boobs.

King Abdullah. Opinions were mixed on the news of King Abdullah’s death last week in that revered bastion of liberal democracy, Saudi Arabia. Prince Charles and David Cameron were criticised for attending the funeral. So is the King’s condition satisfactory? I couldn’t possibly say, though I expect a slow move towards improved human rights – for men anyway – may eventually start. I hear twenty lashes will be taken off a bottle of Scotch in the next Saudi budget. I wonder what the Saudis would make of the Sun? Let’s hope Saudi Arabia can handle its knockers as well as the Sun.

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