A Knowledge Examiner Writes…

I am delighted to have recently returned to TfL as a Knowledge of London Examiner.  This is a temporary assignment for six weeks (possibly to be extended).  The sad thing is that the powers that be have made it clear that my media activities must cease while I am in their employ.  This means I can not publish any more magazine articles; whether they are about taxis, the Knowledge, or anything else, however unrelated.  I can not be drawn into any discussion of TfL.

To all my loyal followers – all 34 of you – please understand if I don’t respond to comments about cabs, the Knowledge, or TfL. I read all comments from cab drivers and Knowledge Boys.  Please don’t think I’m ignoring you.

I have a piece coming out in CallOver Knowledge magazine, that I submitted before I joined TfL.  After that, it’ll just be little pieces on this blog.  Not that I have much time for writing after getting up at 5am, and getting home at 8.30 – with some weekend work on top.

I’d like it recorded that I am being well treated by the regime, and that our Glorious Leader, Boris, is a top man.


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6 responses to “A Knowledge Examiner Writes…

  1. D

    I hope you stay at TFL sir. Thank you for asking such fair questions and being there for us knowledge boys. I had an app with you recently and through my own faulted scored a D, i hope to have another with you in the future and show you how I’ve improved. Thanks again Sir


    • Thank you for your kind comments. Almost everyone gets a few Ds, it’s how you bounce back that counts. If the Knowledge was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing – and I wouldn’t take much notice of those “The game’s dead” merchants either; they’ve been saying that since the rise of the mini-cab in the 60s! Am I going to stay at TfL? Watch this space…


  2. Jan


    I just discovered your blog today and looking forward to catching up with all the past articles.


    • Thanks Jan. Stay around because there should be some new articles coming, when I find the time. I’ll definitely be writing out some practical guidance on handling the Appearance process.


      • Carl best

        Hi sir I got a c with you but as soon as I get near my 56/28s drop I seem to lose it … I had Wilkins today dropped lots off points so far I’m 3up 3 down If I mess this up redline back to map test for the second time some times I think thay don’t want to give me my badge
        Carl best


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