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The Only Labour Voter in Leighton Buzzard South

On Thursday I did something I haven’t done in about 30 years:  I voted Labour.  I was among only 10,000 to vote Labour in my constituency, and South-West Bedfordshire remained solid Conservative.  Nationally, they might have made it were not for those pesky Scots. I never liked that Nicola Sturgeon; always thought there was something fishy about her.

Unlike those soap-dodgers creating havoc in London today, I am sanguine about the result. Just because you didn’t vote Conservative, it doesn’t mean you can stop the traffic with your stupid demos.  Be thankful you have the ability to vote freely (this is the bit where I’d normally suggest moving to Russia, but I won’t, because I’m now a left-leaning Labour supporter. I’d better not talk about hanging & flogging now either, eh).

*Liable to change next time.  I’m definitely a floating voter, and have voted for all three major parties in my time.

Suppose we’d better batten down the hatches and prepare for a few more years of misery.  Without the Liberals to temper their ideas, the Tories are surely going to run riot with their cuts and privatisation.  Many people voted Conservative believing that the improving economy will eventually show itself in their wage packets.  I dearly hope they’re right.

We London cab drivers had a zero per cent meter rise this year (0.7% last year), No-one in the trade is complaining. Higher fares won’t help us, or anybody else.  Getting rid of pedicabs and Uber would be a start, if the powers that be had any balls. We just have to take the pain with everybody else. Mayor Boris isn’t a popular bloke as far as the cab trade are concerned. Like his predecessor, “Red” Ken Livingstone, largely because of his madcap traffic schemes.  Many commentators think he could be the next Prime Minister.  Gawd help us.

Ps.  I picked up Education Minister, Nicky Morgan, last year.  Seemed a nice lady.

Pps.  What next for Clegg, Millipede and Farage?  I hear it suggested they might produce a new version of Top Gear.

Pip Pip.

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