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Well done to the 10,000 British holidaymakers who’ve stayed on to complete their holidays in Tunisia (around 50%). I enjoyed a holiday there some years’ ago, and particularly liked Sousse, the town where gunmen massacred about 38 people last week. Had I been out there at the time, I would have defiantly seen out my holiday, and shown solidarity with the local people. Terrorists aim to produce terror. If people don’t give in and carry on as normal, the terrorists lose. Remember the defiance of the French people back in January: “Je Suis Charlie”? More people than ever bought the Charlie Hebdo magazine. The terrorists lost.
It’s said that more attacks could take place in Tunisia. True, but more attacks will surely follow elsewhere, possibly including the UK. We’ve certainly had our share of terrorist outrages over my lifetime. Even before I was born, our parents and grandparents still got on with life despite the Luftwaffe bombing our cities. The IRA were bombing British cities well before I started work in London in 1978. When I started work as a cab driver in 1988, London streets were often being closed because of bomb threats, and bombings were still happening around Britain. We didn’t give in to terrorism. We got on with life. When 52 people were murdered in London ten years’ ago, London didn’t come to a standstill.
The threats aren’t necessary stronger in Muslim countries. I’ve had the occasional low-level problem in Arab & Muslim countries, but I’ve had more problems in my own country. Let’s be honest, this isn’t the safest country to live in. The crime rate is often lower in the countries that people are now scared of going to. Personally, I’d take my chances in West Beirut or East Jerusalem over any British town centre on a Saturday night.
I’ve also had nice holidays in Corfu and Rhodes, so I’m sorry to hear of the problems Greece is facing. Not sure who decided to let them into the European Union though. I understand taxes weren’t collected and that workers in occupations such as hairdressing could retire on a full pension aged 50. Had I moved to Greece to become a Careers Adviser – rather than Northampton – I could have salted away a nest egg of tax money, and I might be retired by now and laying on the beach!

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