Why I’m Voting Out

EU Referendum

I don’t feel strongly either way, but I’m likely to vote Out.  Fact is, non-one really knows whether we’ll be better off without the EU or not.  It’s a leap of faith.  Consequently, my reasons are as valid as anyone else’s.  The scope of my coverage is as narrow as that of any layman with little time free for independent research – and relying largely on radio phone-ins and a gut feeling.  My views on this huge and complex subject might well prove to be naïve and half-baked, with the dough so unproven that you might get a dicky tummy.  Anyway, here they are:

  • Membership is very expensive (not that I think the current government will do much with the money we save)
  • We keep our sovereignty and make our own rules
  • I’m unconvinced trade will be affected. If EU states impose tariffs, we do the same
  • I hear GB is the fifth biggest economy in the world.  There are 28 EU states.  We were originally part of a premier league but we’re now part of a diverse rag–tag bunch of countries with vastly different economies and cultures.  The EU has expanded to take in weaker countries, and will probably be weakened further when new countries inevitably join
  • We’ll have more control over our borders and we’ll be able to decide who to let in
  • The EU charged us extra because our economy improved.  Despite Cam saying he wouldn’t pay the bill, he did.  We shouldn’t be penalised for handling our finances responsibly
  • Switzerland and Norway seem to be doing all right.  Guernsey isn’t part of the EU and is doing fine
  • Obama’s “Back of the queue” statement was a telling threat.  It suits others if we stay, but I’m unconvinced it’ll suit us.  Big business bods want us to stay.  Of course they do:  they have an endless supply of EU labour and they can keep wages at subsidence level.  Supermarkets (and Uber) can pay their workers the minimum and encourage them to claim tax credits to make their money up.  Neither the government, nor the EU are helping us avoid a race to the bottom
  • The bigger, more powerful, companies can pay most of their tax in other EU countries
  • People from EU countries can come over here and claim benefits and access free healthcare (when I lived in Louisiana I had to take out medical insurance).  We can’t always do the same in other countries, certainly at the same level.  They get a better deal
  • I think our farmers and fishermen will do better without the EUs restrictions
  • The very fact that this referendum has come about will make other countries think. Stronger countries might think about leaving. What if France and Germany leave and leave us with the poorer Eastern European countries?

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