EU Exit: Thank You Obama, Osborne & Junckers.

The people have spoken, and we’re leaving the EU.  Ultimately, there was little enthusiasm shown by the Remainers.  There were no compelling reasons given for staying, apart from keeping things the same.  Things wouldn’t be kept the same though.  Our leaving might prove to be a disaster, but the EU was doomed anyway.  We didn’t cause the breakup of the EU, though we’ve probably sped things up a bit.

The EU bears no resemblance to the Common Market that we joined in 1972 (when I was ten).  Ted Heath would be spinning in his grave to see what it’s become.  Over-bureaucratised, and weakened by the inclusion of many weaker countries.  And it’ll be weakened further when another five or so weak countries are invited to join. The European Union will eventually become an Eastern European Union.  Albania and Serbia will empty overnight when they join.  Weren’t they at war a few years’ ago?  They might as well let Russia and Ukraine in to make it interesting.

Thank you Obama for your “Back of the queue” threat (Brits don’t take kindly to threats, especially by arrogant Americans.  Why not have an open border with Mexico?).  Thank you George Osborne for your threat of a punishment budget if we didn’t vote the way you wanted (Pathetic).  And thank you Monsieur Juncker for telling us there’s no way back should we leave his little club (fair enough).

The people didn’t trust the big business fat cats, the bankers, or the scaremongering politicians, who told us not to rock the boat.  Well I’m glad the boat’s rocked.  These people don’t live in our world.  They’re not affected by the issues that regular people face.

On the negative side, we have people like Boris on our side.  I fear for the country if Boris does what he’s done to London to the rest of the country.  Farage’s excesses need to be reined in too.  I feel sorry for Mr Corbyn.  He seems a nice, genuine, bloke, but he needs to go now.  I also worry about the possibility of losing Scotland, and what might happen in Ireland re. the north/south border.

The UK is said to be the world’s fifth richest country.  I’m sceptical as to that claim, but if it is, whatever way you cut it, we are being held back by an expanded rag bag of weaker countries.  They don’t like us anyway.  And we’re patronised by the Americans.  No-one likes us, but we don’t care.  We need to dig deep and find the inner–Millwall supporter within us.  We should show new confidence as we forge a more autonomous future (hopefully winning the European Championships will help).

I saw a BBC news programme before the referendum.  It showed packs of Danish bacon in a supermarket, and warned that EU goods would become more expensive.  So?  I think we need to start buying British whenever possible.  I can’t do anything about the half-Chinese cab I drive, but I can choose British foods over European.  Maybe the BMWs that Uber use will become more expensive – Ha!  We should be supporting local producers.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.  I would have respected whatever decision the referendum returned, and I remain a proud European.


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2 responses to “EU Exit: Thank You Obama, Osborne & Junckers.

  1. We were 5th largest. the market drop has put us 6th already, behind France. Don’t worry, all goods, EU or home produced will be more expensive soon once the drop in the value of the £ kicks in. That will of course help our exports as they will become cheaper. Lets see, what do we make here again?
    We do have lots of car factorys though. Built here with the help of massive grants, inducements and sweeteners from our tax coffers. Nissan et al chose us because of our access to the European markets…….oh, hmmm, lets see, maybe the EU will let us keep exporting without tariffs. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens when you stop paying your club fees, you are allowed to keep enjoying the benefits of membership aren’t you? Or maybe we could do a Norway type deal. To get access to EU markets without full membership they pay even more, are subject to EU rules and open borders, sounds like a great deal to me.
    I hope I’m wrong about everything. It’s early days yet. Maybe it was the best think the UK has ever done and it will cure all the ills of the disenfranchised who were led to believe everything will be better out.


  2. You’re right, it’s early days, and it’s changing daily. At the time of writing I believe we’re still no.5, and the pound is doing fine. Although I voted Out I do have reservations, as you have listed. No-one knows what will happen. This is new territory.

    The EU will punish us in some way in order to deter other countries from leaving, but I believe there will be other countries leaving in the next few years. They can’t punish us too much as they need our custom. Germany sell a lot of cars over here. If they impose tariffs, we do the same.

    The EU is doomed, so best leave now. I don’t like the idea of doing a Norway. If we’re out, we’re out. I respect all opinions on this issue, but the decision has been made. We should see it as a new opportunity and go forward with confidence.

    Time will tell…


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