England to Exit World Cup

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Blimey, at least England didn’t lose to an EU country. Good luck to Iceland in the next round. Maybe Roy Hodgson could swap jobs with Jeremy Corbyn? I could see Roy as Leader of the Opposition, and Jeremy could bring in some strong left wingers.

Poor old Roy though.  It’s not his fault if his players aim their shots into Row Z.  Is it too late to set up a referendum to withdraw from the World Cup?   There are far too many foreign teams able to beat us.  Maybe leave more spirited Wales and Norn Iron to fly the flag for the UK next time?  I think we should withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest to save further embarrassment too.

In politics, maybe Boris would make a good caretaker manager of the Conservative Party, as he’s committed to an exit (or so he says).  I wouldn’t like him to stay on though, and I’d favour a general election once the two main parties have sorted themselves out.

Why is it likely to take two years to actually exit?  Just stop the direct debit and tick Unsubscribe.  That’s what I did when I stopped going to Fitness First.

Anyway, for the benefit of my foreign readers, here’s a reminder of what Boris looks like:


(My rabbit, Tufty).


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3 responses to “England to Exit World Cup

  1. I think it’s a possibility that we won’t actually exit at all. Interesting times. Lots of headless chickens in the corridors of power right now. Whatever happens we are about to go through a period of belt tightening.


  2. Yes, the political fallout isn’t something I expected – few people expected the referendum result. I got a shock when I switched on the news Friday morning. Interesting times indeed, but I think once we’ve looked at ourselves as a country we’ll do all right.


  3. The thing is we need to trade with the EU, and we need free trade. If we don’t have that a load of our business is ripe for the picking. Frankfurt is eagerly waiting like a hawk to steal some financial services, E Europe is looking at our car plants and the list goes on. The EU have already said that if we want to continue with free trade we will have to accept free movement, like Norway.


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