This Week in London: Too Much Monkey Business

Boris urges us to demonstrate outside the Russian Embassy as a protest against their bombing of Syria. Putin’s really going to listen, isn’t he?  He’ll be quaking in his boots When footage is beamed back to Moscow of bus routes being disrupted on Bayswater Road.

The cost of Bovril goes up, and it’s all because of selfish folk like me voting to leave the EU.  Shame on me.

This week’s most exciting story was that gorilla escaping from London Zoo. I heard the story unfold on LBC as I made the long drive back from City Airport on a loss-leading fixed-priced ComCab job.  It sounded serious: Police marksmen, helicopters…  It transpired that the said monkey was apprehended still within the confines of the zoo.

For those of you who don’t know, the Zoo is in Regent’s Park; a huge green space surrounded by rich areas.  The gorilla could easily have made it to St John’s Wood High Street, and could’ve caused all kinds of mayhem should it have got to Lord’s Cricket Ground.  The MCC would severely disapprove, perhaps ban him for life.

I like to imagine him mingling with the revellers on Camden High Street.  Would anyone notice until he found the food stalls at Camden Lock?

Have a banana!

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