A Week in London: Full English Brexit

Hard-Boiled Brexit

When I voted in the referendum I didn’t see a disclaimer in small print saying “Subject to further voting in parliament.”  No wonder Dave was so keen to resign and have it away on his toes.  The voting form didn’t ask if I wanted a soft or hard-boiled Brexit either.  No, I voted for a total exit, and that’s what the government should have delivered without delay.  Dave should’ve triggered Article 50 before he went, then cancelled the direct debit and unsubscribed from the newsletter. If nothing happens by early next year, I predict a riot.  Look for me in Trafalgar Square setting fire to the EU flag.


Talking of civil disobedience, 53 soap-dodgers were arrested in London on Saturday night.  No-one knows exactly what these masked demonstrators are campaigning for, nor do they.  But you need to be really hard to throw bottles at the Polis wearing a mask.


I understand FIFA have threatened the England football team with sanctions should they wear poppies for an international game, as it’s political.  More Johnny Foreigners interfering with our business.  I hope Gareth Southgate encourages the wearing of poppies.  If he wants to ban something, stop players wearing those stupid headphones when they get off the team coach.


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5 responses to “A Week in London: Full English Brexit

  1. Leavers voted to ‘leave’. All the court case showed is the correct constitutional method to be employed. I rarely agree with brexiteers but Dominic Cummings got it right here http://huff.to/2ffmzOd

    That apart even farage admitted on The Andrew Marr show that the referendum was merely advisory http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37886882


  2. The voting form didn’t say it was advisory! I’ve always maintained I don’t feel strongly either way in or out, but having come down on one side I’m determined that the will of the people is carried out.


  3. No but Farage says it was so….

    If you buy a TV on finance you get 14 days to change your mind. I think a general election on the issue is forthcoming and that is a good thing.


  4. I don’t think an election will solve anything – and I think the Labour Party are too weak to put up a fight. I say leave the EU promptly and stop all the What ifs, then decide which party we want to take us forward.


    • I think people should be given the chance to change their mind. It was won by a tiny majority and for sure if it had gone the other way the discussion would not be over. This is a ‘once it’s done it’s done’ deal. Not something that should, or indeed can be rushed into.


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