The Book They Tried to Ban

I’m delighted to announce that last night I completed my book manuscript. I started it about five years’ ago. I wrote it part-time, and there was about a year when I didn’t touch it at all: I just never had the time when I was working as a Knowledge Examiner at TF Hell (and they wouldn’t have allowed me to publish anything mentioning them).

I’ve emailed the whole 93,200 words off for proof-reading and eventual book production. It’ll need formatting for book layout, cover design, &c. As I’m publishing it myself I have total control over all aspects of production.

I’ll post updates on the book’s production; and I’ll put up some outtakes (probably including my Brexit Rant chapter, which didn’t make the finished manuscript).

As an amuse bouche, here’s the contents list:




1) The Knowledge

2) Butter Boy

3) My Personal Revolution

4) Back on the Cab

5) How it all Works

6) Passengers

7) Know Your Enemy

8) When Things go Wrong

9) Examiner

10) Back on the Cab (again)

11) Examiner 2

12) The Years of Change

13) Uber

14) The Future


Appendix A:  Q&A

Appendix B:  Knowledge Boy Tips



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6 responses to “The Book They Tried to Ban

  1. sardar mayana

    Congratulations Mr Ackrill. I look forward to reading. Kind Regards, Sardar

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad


    • Thanks, Sardar. You can drop the “Sir” bit if you like! I’m a civilian now. There will be enough detail to interest cab drivers & K-Boys, but I’ve also added some mad bits; talking about music, beer, football, pets, &c.


  2. Really looking forward to reading your work. Will it be published on Kindle Direct Publishing or traditional paper form? Keep us all updated as the book progresses. Congratulations


  3. As a butter boy with deep love for The Knowledge process I’m very excited for this. Love the trade and tradition 👍🏻


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