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Barking Mad

Some people have so much money.   I was having a slow day on Saturday June 21st.  Soon after lunch I responded to an account call in Soho.  I waited a fair time until a woman got in with a dog.  She gave me an address in Battersea.  We had a devil of a job getting out of Central London because of road closures, but I finally delivered her to Barking Bettys (“Grooming for the urban dog”).  The woman asked me to wait 20 minutes, then take her back to Soho.  Parking wasn’t a problem, so I was happy to do so.  She then said it would take an hour.  In the end I waited 2 ¾ hours.  The woman sat in the cab while doggie was pampered, and the clock ticked over 20p every few seconds.  At one point, Mrs Woman went to use the loo at a café (I thought afterwards that I should have suggested she use a litter tray at Barking Betty’s).  We got back to Soho quickly and everyone was happy.  God knows who the account holder was, but it cost them £164 (plus tip).  The dog looked clean and happy, clearly oblivious to the expense involved.  I’m not sure who was the most barking.

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