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Frack Off

I’m still not sure about fracking. I’m not too worried about safety concerns: fire coming out of kitchen taps in Texas is probably something imagined by excitable freaks and stoners. No, I’m more uncomfortable that the whole thing is run by the private sector. Will it result in cheaper gas? I doubt it: any profits will surely go to the fat cat shareholders. No way are foreign-owned energy companies going to sell us cheap gas. Energy supply should be nationalised.

Even if we accept fracking is safe, all this drilling is surely going to be a blight on the landscape. As a gesture of good faith, I’d like to see Theresa May fracking her back garden with her Black & Decker.

Four-thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, indeed. That’s two-hundred miles away from most Tory voters, so that’s all right…

I’m not sure what Mr Corbyn thinks about fracking, and it’s probably not a good time to ask the UK Altercation Party…

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