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Home Schooling

(I mostly use this blog to comment on cab issues, but occasionally I return to my previous life as a Careers Adviser…)

Apparently, more and more parents are taking their kids out of school to be taught at home.  I had some contact with these kids and their parents.  In most cases, the kids were low ability, and with low ability parents.  The family would usually be anti-school, and anti-social.  The schools would be more than happy to see the back of the kids, as they were  the ones who’d bring their league tables down.  Schools would send work home, but I never heard of the materials being used.  Kids were left to run wild and concentrate on shoplifting, smoking fags in bus shelters and getting pregnant. Of course there are exceptions, but I can’t think of anything less socialising than not mixing and learning with your peers (Yes, I know, I bunked off school throughout much of Years 10 and 11:  this is why I had to start again at 30).

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