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Back on the Cab Rank

I’m amazed to have received so many messages since I left TfL.  This was after my second spell as a Knowledge examiner, where I was a temp for eight months.  I’ve had so many responses that it’s impossible to answer every posting made to my blog, the Knowledge of London Facebook page, and the Wizann forum.  Many people have asked questions about the Knowledge and about cab driving.  I’ve answered as many as time has allowed, but I’m now back as a full time cab driver – and part time writer.  I’ve noted all the questions I’ve been asked and I intend to use the issues raised for future articles.  I will definitely be producing some guidance to handling the Knowledge process.  These pieces will be accessible from my blog (pubcat.co), the London Knowledge of London Facebook page, and possibly in trade publications.

It’s not my policy to accept Friend requests to my personal Facebook page.  If you’re looking on my Facebook page for Knowledge tips, there’s nothing for you here.  Cab trade-related comments are posted elsewhere.  My Facebook page mostly contains daft comments between long-standing friends, and pictures of cats doing funny things.  I also want to retain some privacy.  The more open I am on social media, the more exposed I am to hackers, scammers and trolls. And the more open I am to the probing of MI5, the FBI, Mossad, Russian Intelligence (no offence, Gert); and worst of all, TfL Spooks.  So far, the funny cat pictures have acted as a smokescreen to my subversion, but if I “disappear” after criticising the TfL regime, you’ll know what’s happened.

My aim is to entertain my Knowledge and cab driver colleagues.  The Knowledge thrives on assumptions and rumour.  My comments on cab-related issues are personal to me.  Any views I give come from my philosophy and experience, the way I see things.  I can’t speak for all Examiners, as they all have their own philosophies and ways of doing things.  Lastly, you need a sense of humour in our game.  Please don’t take things too seriously!

Be lucky.


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