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Modern Life is Rubbish. No.1: Smart Phones

I bought a new mobile phone recently. Well, I didn’t actually buy it, I got it on a contract (I assume my application was accepted by virtue of my status as loyal Virgin customer, rather than my lamentable credit rating).
I understand it to be a “smart phone” (it’s also an “Android”, whatever that means). I’m paying about the same as I was on Pay as you Go (£13 per month), but I get a new phone! How do they do that? Do they just hope you’ll upgrade and make them money that way? Or you’ll use it so much that you’ll be severely punished when you exceed your agreed monthly payment? Friends of mine pay crazy amounts each month just to have the latest models, and for the ability to use their phones every waking moment (and while asleep, as I later discovered).
I don’t fully understand my new phone. Well, I don’t understand it at all truth be told. A friend “set it up” for me, using various passwords and draining half the battery. Why does a telephone have to be “set up”? It seems to get complicated when you involve the internet. Virgin charged me more than my agreed amount because I exceeded my internet use within a few days. They were very good in giving me advice though. My phone was switched on to “Mobile Internet” mode, which means it’s permanently connected to the internet. I found out you have to switch to “Wi Fi Only” to ensure you stay within your limit. Even when you’re not using it, it downloads crap all day without your knowledge (if you leave it switched on at night, it’s updating Apps and the cost goes up. I could imagine the machinery inside clocking up the fare like my cab meter. Even looking at the weather screen costs you. You can’t use wi fi everywhere, but I can wait until I get home. I don’t know why other people can’t. The screen is too small to be able to read emails anyway. And the battery only lasts two days. I rarely use the internet and I’m generally happy with my new phone.


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